Grants & Scholarships

The Lower Platte North NRD provides a variety of scholarships and grants for teachers and students with an interest in natural resources:

Shell Creek Watershed Scholarship

The NRD offers two $1,000 scholarships for graduating seniors in the Shell Creek Watershed Monitoring Program who plan to pursue higher education relating to science or natural resources.

Get scholarship requirements and application information here.

ACE Camp

Nebraska’s NRDs host the Adventure Camp about the Environment (ACE) each summer. ACE is open to 6th-8th graders who want to learn more about natural resources and have an adventure at camp. The Lower Platte North NRD has ACE scholarships available for students living in our district.

Range Camp

The Lower Platte North NRD provides scholarships to students who wish to attend Range Camp near Halsey, Nebraska. Students at the camp learn about range management, plant identification, grazing practices, and more. Students should contact the NRD by April 15 to apply for scholarships.


The Lower Platte North NRD will help sponsor Envirothon teams from the district who make it to state competition. The Envirothon is a team competition that tests students on their knowledge of botany, wildlife, water, and other natural resources issues.

Nebraska Association for Conservation & Environmental Education

The Nebraska Association for Conservation and Environmental Education (NACEE) is a group for teachers and other educators who are interested in science as it relates to natural resources. Each year, NACEE sponsors a conference at a camp, park or historical site. Teachers may apply to the Lower Platte North NRD for a scholarship to attend this conference.

Ag in the Classroom

Each summer, Nebraska Ag in the Classroom sponsors workshops for teachers that focus on Nebraska's agricultural industry. Teachers learn how food makes it way from the field to the table, and how they can incorporate that information into their curriculum. Scholarships are available from the Lower Platte North NRD to attend Ag in the Classroom workshops.

Other Scholarships

Scholarships and grants may also be available for other natural resources-oriented camps and workshops. Requests will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

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