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Tree Planting Program

Through the Tree Planting Program, the NRD provides low-cost tree seedlings and shrubs to landowners. Since the program began in 1973, more than 800,000 trees and shrubs have been planted in the district.


Tree Species

The NRD offers a wide variety of trees and shrubs suitable for conservation purposes. Check out pictures and descriptions of available species here.


Tree Planting Tips

Follow these simple tips to get your new trees off to a healthy start.


Online Order Form for Trees

Use our convenient online order form to order your handplant trees and shrubs.


Grass Drill Rental

The NRD has three grass drills available for rental to landowners for planting native grasses, grains and legumes.


Community Forestry

Through the Community Forestry program, the Lower Platte North NRD shares the cost of planting trees and shrubs on public land with communities. Parks, schools, cemeteries, and other public grounds can benefit from this program.


WILD Nebraska

WILD Nebraska is a program designed to encourage landowners to set aside land for wildlife habitat. Landowners who participate in the program can receive cost-share funding and technical assistance for establishing habitat areas.


Conservation Trees for Nebraska

Explore nearly four dozen species of conifers, deciduous trees and shrubs that are suited for conservation plantings in Nebraska with the Conservation Trees for Nebraska booklet, website, or app.


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