Tree Planting Tips

The LPNNRD’s tree planting program helps conserve our valuable topsoil and can enhance the beauty of your property and community - but only if trees are successfully established after planting. Follow the tips below to help your trees get off to a good start and thrive in the years to come.

Tips for Successful Tree Planting

Before ordering, take time to plan. For assistance contact us or your county NRCS office.

Site Preparation

Site preparation is important to control competing vegetation and to insure good soil to root contact for the newly planted seedlings. An ideal site is well tilled and free of weeds. Consider the steepness of slope, rocks and other impediments, and the need to control soil erosion often limit the degree of site preparation that can be considered practical.

Eliminate all vegetation in a strip 3-5’ wide where the trees are to be planted by cultivating or using herbicides. If trees are being planted in previous cropped ground, light disking may be needed. If the site is sod or alfalfa the site should be fall plowed and allowed to fallow through the winter. In the spring, the ground should be deep disk to eliminate clumps of grass and clods. If the site needs protection from erosion, do all work on the contour or minimal tillage.

Are Grasses & Weeds Really A Problem?

Grass and weeds are a problem because they grow faster and are often taller than young seedlings. Grass is a problem because: 1) it competes for water and quickly dries out the soil, 2) it competes for nutrients, 3) it can have allelopathic properties that stunt the growth of seedlings (brome is a good example) and 4) it creates cover for wildlife like rabbits and voles. Competition from grass and weeds is a primary reason for the failure of tree plantings.

Keep weeds from growing in a 3-5’ zone around your seedlings. Mow the area between rows in the fall to reduce hiding places for rabbits and rodents during the winter.

Seedling Care During Planting

Seedling Care After Planting

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