Priority Watersheds

The Lower Platte North NRD provides higher cost-share rates for soil and water conservation work in priority watersheds. The cost-share rate can be up to 90% in these watersheds (compared to 75% elsewhere). Priority watersheds include:

*The Czechland and Sand/Duck Creek Watersheds are included in the Wahoo Creek Watershed. Cost-share rates may vary depending on where you live within these watersheds. The Czechland watershed (part of the the Cottonwood Creek watershed) is also eligible for funding from the National Water Quality Initiative - get more info here.

Priority Watersheds

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These watersheds are considered high priority because they contain completed projects where soil erosion may be a concern, such as Czechland Lake in the Cottonwood Creek Watershed or Lake Wanahoo in the Sand/Duck Creek Watershed.

Do you qualify for increased land treatment funding?

To see if your land is in one of the priority watersheds, contact your local Natural Resources Conservation Service office or Eric Gottschalk at the NRD.

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