Mentored Youth Hunting at Lake Wanahoo

The Lake Wanahoo State Recreation Area does not allow general hunting, but youth hunters and their mentors can utilize part of the recreation area through the PATH (Passing Along the Heritage) program sponsored by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

Portions of the Lake Wanahoo grounds are open to participants in the PATH program, which allows reserved access to private land for Nebraska youth hunters and their mentors. PATH lands are chosen to provide youth hunters with a safe environment where they have plenty of opportunities to succeed. By granting private access to good hunting ground, PATH removes a lot of the obstacles to providing a beginning hunter with an engaging experience and encourages the passing along of hunting heritage to the next generation.

Only the youth is allowed to hunt in the PATH program; the mentor is there only to help guide and provide a good experience for the child. Mentors must be over the age of 18.

If you have a youth hunter you’d like to mentor through PATH, visit the PATH website to get started. There you can register for the program, apply for your permisssion slip, and (once approved) search through the PATH database to locate available land and reserve dates for your hunt. You can have up to three reservations for PATH hunts; they can all be for the same site on different dates, or for different sites in the program.

PATH, which began in 2006, is a partnership between the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, the National Wild Turkey Federation, the National Sports Shooting Foundation and Nebraska landowners who generously allow access to their land.

Lake Wanahoo

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