Water Management Programs

Ground Water Management Area

A Ground Water Management Area went into effect in 1997 for the entire Lower Platte North NRD, covering both groundwater quality and quantity issues.

Ground Water Quality:

Ground Water Quantity:

Well Permits & Registration

Before drilling a new or replacement well in the Lower Platte North NRD, a well permit is required. Wells must also be registered with the Department of Natural Resources. New wells are required to be equipped with a flow meter or time totalizer.


Rural Water Systems

The NRD is involved in several rural water systems that provide water to small local communities.


Abandoned Well Program

To help protect our groundwater quality, the NRD provides cost-share assistance to landowners to seal abandoned wells.


Chemigation Program

Any site that applies agrichemicals through irrigation systems is required by state law to have a chemigation permit. The NRD inspects new sites to ensure proper safety equipment is installed and also does resinpections of existing sites at least once every two years.


Wellhead Protection Program

Through the Wellhead Protection Program, the NRD works with area communities to identify and manage potential water quality threats to their public water supplies.


Monitoring Programs

The NRD tracks groundwater levels, nitrate levels in groundwater, stream flow, precipitation and other water-related issues.


AEM Flight Information

Airborne Electromagnetic (AEM) surveys have played an essential role in the LPNNRD efforts to address water quality and quantity issues. AEM surveys provide geologic data through a rapid and efficient process. During flights, an electromagnetic field is continuously transmitted to the land surface where sensors under the aircraft detect the electromagnetic energy. Some sensors can even reach 1,000 feet below the land surface.

Flights were launched in 2009 and 2016 for the Platte/Colfax and Butler/Saunders “Special Quantity Subareas”. The 2016 flight results are now available on the ENWRA website. Please follow this link for dropbox downloads to view information of flight lines and profiles.

Instructions for download are included in the dropbox files. Please contact the NRD Office for more information on viewing files and data interpretation.



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