The Lower Platte North Team.

The Lower Platte North NRD employs 15 full-time personnel based at the district headquarters in Wahoo. The NRD also employs four clerks and one technician at Natural Resources Conservation Service offices in Butler, Colfax, Dodge, and Saunders counties. Part-time, seasonal employees are responsible for groundskeeping and maintenance at the Czechland, Homestead, and Lake Wanahoo recreation areas. Part-time employees or interns are often hired in the summer to assist with tree planting, water sampling, and other duties.

Job openings for the Lower Platte North NRD can be viewed in the Employment Opportunities section of the downloads page.



Eric Gottschalk
General Manager
Overall coordination and supervision of district programs and employees

Ryan Chapman
Assistant Manager
Coordination and supervision of district programs and employees; special projects; grant coordination

Jill Breunig
Bookkeeping Department Head/Administrative Assistant
Office management; general administration; coordination of meeting times; recording secretary for Board of Directors
Karen Rezac
 Department/Administrative Assistant
Bookkeeping; general secretarial duties and support

Daryl Andersen
Water Resources Manager
Coordination and supervision of all water programs; Groundwater Management Area, water quality, water quantity, Phoenix Database Software program

Russell Oaklund
Lead Water Resources Specialist
Groundwater Management Area program; ground/surface water quality
Will Brueggemann
Water Resources Specialist
Coordination of Phoenix Database Software program; assistance in all water programs

Kaitlyn Fehlhafer
Lake Wanahoo Recreation Supervisor/Water Resources Specialist
Coordination and supervision of facility maintenance and operations at Lake Wanahoo NRD Recreation Area; assistance with water programs

Operations & Maintenance

Bob Heimann
Operations & Maintenance Manager
Coordination and supervision of all operation & maintenance programs; forestry programs, dam maintenance, recreation facility maintenance and operations, Rock & Jetty program, large projects

Dave Moore
Operations & Maintenance Technician        Assistance with tree planting, dam maintenance, vehicle maintenance, office maintenance, and recreation area facility maintenance
Duke Dokulil
Operations & Maintenance Technician
Assistance with tree planting, dam maintenance, vehicle maintenance, office maintenance, recreation area facility maintenance
Information & Education

Lacey Sabatka
Information Coordinator
Coordination of all information programs, public relations and marketing; coordination of Clint Johannes Education Building at Lake Wanahoo

Sydney Abbott
Education Coordinator
Coordination of all education programs and events; community outreach; coordination of Clint Johannes Education Building at Lake Wanahoo


Sean Elliott
Projects/Rural Water Manager
Management of LPNNRD rural water systems; coordination of land treatment programs and special projects


Drew ten Bensel
GIS/Grants Coordinator
Geographic Information System maintenance/development; custom mapping for staff/public; LPNNRD MapMaker maintenance/development; grant coordination

NRD/NRCS Conservation Technician

Adam Brockmann
NRD/NRCS Conservation Technician
Completes design, layout, inspection and certification of soil and water conservation practices for Saunders and Lancaster Counties; primarily in Wahoo NRCS Field Office

NRD/NRCS Field Office Assistants

Kimberly Piitz
Butler County
Butler Co. Office (402) 367-3074

Kristin Miller
Colfax County
Colfax Co. Office (402) 352-5200

Jessica Marty
Dodge County
Dodge Co. Office (402) 721-8455

Marla Milliken
Saunders County
Saunders Co. Office (402) 443-4106