Well Permits & Registration

PLEASE NOTE: the entire Lower Platte North NRD is now covered by Water Development Areas, and variances are required for any new acres. Before a well permit can be issued, you must have a variance from the NRD. Variance request forms for Non-Hydrologically Connected Areas and Hydrologically Connected Areas are available in our Downloads section; for variance forms for the Restricted Development Areas and Special Quantity Subareas, please contact us at (402) 443-4675 or lpnnrd@lpnnrd.org).

If you are planning to drill a new well within the Lower Platte North NRD you need to obtain the proper permits. A well permit from the NRD is needed prior to the construction of all new and replacement wells, except for:

  • test holes
  • temporary dewatering wells (after installation a well permit is required within 30 days per Groundwater Rules and Regulations)
  • water wells designed to pump 50 gallons per minute or less
Well Permit Form

A printable copy of the permit application is available in PDF format here.

If you would rather have the permit form mailed to you, call the NRD at (402) 443-4675. The NRD permit fee is $50 and should be submitted with your application. If construction of a water well (other than those types that are exempt) commences prior to obtaining an approved permit, a late permit must be completed with a $250 fee.

Flow Measurement Requirements

For all new water uses, owners are required to report the total water pumped from the well each year. Water use can be tracked by installing an NRD-approved flow meter. The well owner needs to report the total water pumped during the calendar year to the NRD by December 15 of the following year. For more information on flow measurement requirements, please contact the LPNNRD Water staff.
View District approved flow meter list.

Other Permits

Other county or city permits may be needed if you are within city limits or areas with zoning restrictions, so please check with your local county and/or city agencies. Special permits may also be required from the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources (DNR) if the location does not meet spacing requirements in relation to existing wells or for distance from streams.

Well Registration

Obtaining an NRD well permit does not register the well with the Department of Natural Resources. All wells are required by state statute to be registered with DNR after construction. To download a well registration form, visit the DNR website.

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