Ultrasonic Flow Meter

To help producers determine how much water their irrigation wells are actually using, the Lower Platte North NRD has a portable flow meter. The ultrasonic flow meter is a portable, microprocessor-based instrument used to measure the flow of water and other homogeneous liquids. The instrument is non-invasive, which means that it is not mounted in-line; instead, it is strapped to the outside of the pipe. Its transducers (sensors) are mounted to the pipe and flow measurements can be made without stopping the water flow or physically contacting the water in any way.

The fee for a flow test is $20 for the first well and $5 for each additional well. If NRD staff are already performing other field work with the operator, the $20 fee for the first well is reduced to $5. In Phase II areas, the fee is waived.

To schedule a flow meter test, contact Russell Oaklund.


The Lower Platte North is a partner in NeRAIN, a program which uses NRD-coordinated volunteers across the state to monitor and report rainfall to the Department of Natural Resources. Find out more at the NeRAIN website.


Surface Water Sampling Program

The NRD cooperates with the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality to monitor toxic blue-green algae and bacteria (E. coli). Check weekly results and get more information on bacteria and toxic blue green algae at


Stream Gauging

The NRD no longer has a dedicated stream gauging program, but it does track several stream gauging sites maintained by the Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Geological Survey.

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