The Lower Platte North NRD has established rules for geocaching on the District’s public property.

Geocaching is an activity using GPS to find hidden items. The items are usually sealed containers with a logbook and inexpensive reward inside. The finder makes an entry in the logbook, takes something out of the cache, puts something else in, and returns the cache to the spot where they found it. You may discover many caches that are registered by going to

Geocaching Regulations & Permits

Geocache Containers & Contents

Geocache containers must be non-breakable, waterproof, and have some form of latch or other closing device to prohibit content exposure to wildlife. Containers must be marked “Geocache Container” on the outside of the container.


Geocaches may not contain inappropriate or dangerous items. Such items include, but are not limited to: food, medications, personal/hygiene products, pornography, or weapons of any type. Log books are encouraged in lieu of exchange items.


All geocaches are subject to random inspection by LPNNRD staff. Staff has the authority to immediately remove any item held in a geocache deemed unacceptable. Non-permitted geocaches will be removed by staff and held for 30 days. An attempt will be made to locate the geocache owner. If the geocache is not claimed in 30 days, staff will dispose of the geocache.

Geocache Locations


The location of a geocache must be pre-approved by the General Manager or O & M Manager.


Physical geocaches are prohibited inside or attached to any LPNNRD facility or structure. Geocaches may not be placed in dangerous, inappropriate, or protected areas and habitats, on cliffs, underground or underwater.

No digging is permitted. Geocaches cannot be buried, nor may soil, vegetation, or stones be disturbed to place a geocache.


It is the responsibility of the geocache owner to periodically inspect the geocache and the area to ensure that its impact on the area is minimal, if not nonexistent.



The use of metal detectors in geocache searches is expressly prohibited.


If geocaching activities as a whole are found to have a negative impact on LPNNRD resources or if safety becomes an issue in geocache searches, the General Manager may ban geocaching from certain areas of LPNNRD property.

Failure to comply with LPNNRD guidelines will result in the revocation of effective geocaching permits. Continued failure to comply with these guidelines will prevent the issuance of any further geocaching permits to the non-compliant group or individual.

All individuals participating in geocaching must park in designated parking lots. No off road parking is allowed.

Applying for a Geocache Permit

To request a geocache permit, please fill out all information here. If you would prefer a printable form that you can mail in, you can download one here.